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The Postnatal Depression Family/Whanau NZ Trust hopes that you found our website useful and the information has assisted in some way. Due to us being a newly formed Trust we do not have a lot of funding and whilst we actively apply to philanthropic trusts for support, our trust does rely on the generosity of donations and bequests to keep this website going.

Alternatively, you can submit this form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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The website authors appreciate your time taken to view our site. Our aims are to keep this site up to date and relevant.

To do this we require your help with:

  • Suggestions about wording, layout and content
  • Questions to add to our Q&A sections
  • More support information from other areas in New Zealand

We regret that we are:

  • Not able to respond in person to emails
  • Unable to answer individual clinical questions

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Permission to add your feedback to the website. It will be anonymous. One common comment has been that people looking at the website have found it useful to read about other's experiences. It helps them feel less alone with their illness and hopeful about their recovery.

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